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Nanomagnetism & Spintronics Lab
충북대학교 나노자성 및 스핀트로닉스 연구실

Ph.D Candidates

Xiaoping Ma

Sang-Hyuk Lee

Duy Truong Quach

Lin Huang

MS Candidates

In-Ho Sul

Seon-Dae Kim
(kkiihh0@cbnu.ac.kr, Gmail:kkiihh0@gmail.com)

Young-Ju Park


Hong-Guang Piao
(hgpiao@ctgu.edu.cn, Gmail:hgpiao@gmail.com, MSN:hgpiao@hotmail.com)
Ph.D in 2010 and
now a Professor at China Three Gorges University

Dede Djuhana
Ph.D in 2010 and
now a faculty member at University of Indonesia

Djati Handoko
Ph.D in 2015 and

Je-Ho Shim
Ph.D in 2015 and

Su-Hyeong Jun
M.S. in 2010 and
now a researcher at KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)